About Us

Core Modules is an initiative by Digital Core Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Core Technologies was incorporated in July 2014 with a broader objective of producing High Quality Electronic Product Design professionals and High Quality Electronic Product Designs. Addressing the need for high calibre in the Embedded System market globally and specifically in India, our aim is to focus on First Time Right in our product development engagements and the eco system for the same in terms of the people, processes and methods. We wish to see India as the ‘Go-to place’ for introducing and developing High Technology embedded System applications in all its aspects through a firm belief in ‘Quality by Design’


To significantly and positively impact the quality of products and services of Information & Communication Technology organisations – through comprehensive upstream reinforcements in skills and designs.

To accelerate successful deployment of products and services for client organisations through robust design services – focused on implementation, built on strong and uncompromising fundamentals. To create a highly skilled employment-ready workforce for Information & Communication Technology organisations, through expert real-world training programs and live work-environment simulations, built on ‘Quality by Design’.


At Digital Core, We Value Individuals & Interactions Over Processes and tools, Customer collaboration Over Contract negotiation, Responding to change Over Following a plan and Working software Over Comprehensive Documentation.

A Team of Industry Experts With

  • Passion for Embedded System Technologies
  • 8 to 35+ Years of Industry / System Design Experience
  • Diversed, yet Focussed Skill Set

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