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Core Modules: RISC V SoC FPGA based SoM

System on Modules (SoM): Processing sub-system on a modular PCB with Application Processor SoC, Linux, DRAM, Flash memory and basic Connectivity on-board with all other interfaces from SoC terminated on B2B connector for application specific carrier board.

Download PDF Brochure Download PDF Datasheet CMSV_A1_PF254_AX:
System on Module (SoM) with World first RISC V based SoC FPGA, MicrochipPolar Fire MPFS250T:FCVG484”.

CM SoM Highlights

  • Embedded SW
    • Linux / RTOS Ported with peripheral drivers integrated
    • SDK Ready to start application development
    • Optional Bare metal solution as required
  • Suitable to use as Development / PoC platform & as Module in Product
    • Use with Carrier board for Development / PoC
    • Design Custom “carrier” board for product form factor/ peripherals
  • All processing resources on SoM (DDR/ Flash/ Connectivity)
  • Cost effective solution
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Support available for Custom HW / RTL/ Embedded SW design and development


  • Communications
  • Defence
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart Embedded Vision
  • Automotive
  • Internet of Things