RTL design in VHDL and Verilog, Synthesis, verification on FPGA, utilizing Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Microsemi development tools. FPGA SoC based system design.

Digital Core Technologies can provide turn-key FPGA based solutions. We specialise in high speed and high density designs to meet specific needs through structured design methodology, thus ensuring high quality and efficiency of delivered products. With FPGAs garnering their presence in more devices in today's world, our up-to-date experts with their combined decades long domain experience can help provide solutions for the most challenging applications with devices and tools from industry leaders such as Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Microsemi.

Our strength lies in working together with the customer to tailor make solutions to fit their requirements with the highest degree of perfection. Our FPGA team takes care of complete FPGA design spanning High Level Design, Documentation, RTL Development, Timing Closure, Integration and System Level Validation. We can also help deploy these solutions to the market with our in house SW and HW expertise.


  • HDL:

    Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog, High Level Synthesis
  • Process:

    Analysis, Design, Synthesis, Simulation, Validation
  • Platforms:

    Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, Microsemi, Gowin
  • Soft-cores:

    ARM, RISC-V, Microblaze

Key Areas

  1. Embedded Vision Systems
    1. Video Capture and Storage
    2. Video Processing and Displays
    3. Image sensor technologies
    4. Image sensor front-end processing
    5. LCD panels,OLED Displays, Display Walls
    6. Frame grabbers, buffering, frame rate conversion
    7. Image and video processing
    8. Motion detection and tracking
    9. Resizing – SD, HD, 4K, custom formats

  2. FPGA IP Design
    1. Custom IP design for applications such as video/image processing, protocol translation etc.

  3. Defense Systems
    1. Thermal Imaging (Image capture, processing)
    2. Specialised thermal and low-light imaging systems integration

  4. Avionics and Communication
    1. Rugged Transponders

  5. Interface / Protocol Translation
    1. USB3
    2. HDMI
    3. HD-SDI
    4. Displayport
    5. LVDS
    6. S-Video
    7. SDI
    8. MIPI CSI
    9. DVB-ASI

  6. FPGA SoC based solutions
    1. Xilinx Zynq SoC based systems
    2. Microsemi Polarfire SoC based systems
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