With a motto of 'Quality by Design', Digital Core Technologies supports global players in Electronic product development across diverse industries, in their need for a reliable and dependable design and manufacturing partner. Creating world-class products and professionals in Embedded Systems is the purpose of the organization

Digital Core Technologies offers Service from the initial architecture stage to Product in the market. Our key expertise includes Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Automotive, and consumer products. We have been providing design services for the development of products for companies around the globe. We provide High Speed, High density Circuit and PCB design with ARM, X86, RISC V, PPC based SoCs, High Speed memory, peripheral interfaces, media interfaces, standard and custom form factors with EMCV, Thermal analysis, DFx and more.We support the custom design with different EDA tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Altium.


  • Multicore processor, Multi-processor, FPGA-based hardware design.
  • Board Design for Multiple and Hybrid SoC which includes Audio and Video chipsets
  • High-speed synchronous memory arrays: DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4
  • High-Speed Communication standards: USB 3.0, HDMI, DP, PCIe, GigE, 10 GigE, etc.
  • High-speed designs for audio and video image processing
  • High-density SMT designs – BGA, Micro BGA, PCI, PCIe, CPCI.
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Designs.
  • Thermal, Power, and Signal Integrity Analysis.
  • Layout design with DFx Aspects
  • Customized small form factor design as per requirement
  • Multilayer PCB design for Digital, Analog, and Mixed-Signal systems
  • PCBs for high power application
  • Impedance controlled PCB Layout Design with delay matching, Differential Pairs, Shielded Lines, Stack-up, and material selection.

  • RF circuits and systems from concept, design, development, production, test, and qualification
  • Power amplifiers and Signal generators for medical applications and Commercial instrumentation
  • Expertise in RF designs for automotive, medical, consumer, aerospace, and defense applications.
  • Design and development of transceivers for IoT application, Transmitters, and receivers.
  • Engineering for Volume production including calibration routines, test software, and test fixtures. Embedded Software development for testing RF devices from components to the final product level.
  • Integrating test instruments for RF and DC tests from different Test instrument suppliers like Keysight, R&S, Anritsu, Tektronics, and others.
  • Regulatory testing and consultancy on pre-test and final qualification for FCC, CE, and IC


    Digital core technologies extend the manufacturing Service support to our customers for the Products which we designed


      Digital core has been tied up with some reputed fabrication houses in and around India, Taiwan, China & Malaysia for PCB fabrication. All the fab houses have been certified with ISO and UL, we make sure that they all meet our standards with constant evaluations.


      Digital core Technologies work with all major distributors in India for souring the components. In the design phase itself, we make sure that we add all the authorized components and check the global stock availability of it through our authorized distributors. We also have reputed vendors in our and around India for the faster availability of components in the stage of the proto build.


      Stronger design team requires a better assembly house, for that we had gone through many assembly houses in India and shortlisted some. We make sure all the assembly house is certified with ISO 9001 and with ESD standards. All the PCBA are manufactured through machine process with a proper guideline of an IPC-certified person. We do trial runs to analyze the DFM /DFT, thermal profiling stages for the best production yield.


      Number of testing takes place in an assembled PCB like a cold test, voltage test, and software flashing under an ESD environment. We have a selected engineering team who are all properly trained to do this work. We make sure that none of the PCB’s skips from their eyes


      Packing a PCB is more than just a decorative affair. Although PCBs appear as hulking slabs of copper and fiberglass, they are deceptively delicate. They cry out for protection. During shipping, packages can be subjected to all manner of crushing, shaking, tossing, and dropping among many other forms of physical damage. So, we make sure that all the PCBs are packed well with an anti-static cover and rolled it with multiple sheets of bubble wraps before placing them in a designated box for shipment.

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