Embedded Software Design and Development

Complete Product Development Solution from Concept to Deployment

Software Maintenance and Optimization

Bug tracking, software upgrades, feature enhancements, and Performance Optimization as required for product maintenance

Product Testing and Validation suites

Test framework design and development required for product hardware and software validations

OS/Platform Porting

Porting the software solutions across multiple hardware platforms in Linux, Windows, and Real-Time OS


Bootloader Development and Porting – Uboot/UEFI
Hardware Bring up and Validation
Boot Optimization
Memory Management

Kernel Drivers

Linux Device Driver development
Interfaces: Bus Drivers, Video, Audio, Sensor Integration, Display Drivers, Network Protocol stacks, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NAND, eMMC, MMC/SD, SATA
Windows Drivers

Middleware and Embedded Applications

Application Software in Linux, Windows, Android, uCOS, and RTOS.
Typical solutions related to Video, Audio, Energy Management, Industrial IoT, and Networking with Interactive GUI.


NXP – IMXseries, QorIQ Layerscape, ARM based Microcontrollers
TI – Multimedia/Application processors
Intel – x86
Xilinnx – Zync 7xxx PSOC
MicroSemi/SiFive – RISCV SOC

Software Frameworks/ Tools

Video-Audio – FFmeg, Gstreamer, V4l2, ALSA, OpenCV, Live555 etc
Networking Protocols – TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc
Streaming Protocols – RTSP, RTMP, MQTT
Software Frameworks – Yocto, Buildroot, etc
GUI – QT, Javascript (NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS), C# and Java
Cloud – GCP and AWS

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