The Primary objective of Digital Core Technologies is Sustainable growth. Sustainable growth shall be achieved by inclusiveness of all stakeholders, members of the organisation, partners, customers as well as the society and the environment around us. It shall be achieved with a long-term vision, responsibility, respect to human values and compassion.

Digital Core Technologies is operated with the highest standards in ethics and professionalism in all its activities. Integrity, compliance to the laws of the land & company laws and every aspect of fiscal and practice compliance shall be the highest priority of the management and the team members.

Extending the responsibility and care beyond the boundaries of the organisation, Digital Core Technologies is committed to serve the community and environment around it, in a manner that would be beneficial to all concerned.The Social responsibility charter of the organisation will be focused on:

  • Educational support to deserving individuals and institutions
  • Economic support to social eco system for mitigation of hardship due to natural causes and poverty as well as upgrading the provisions towards better outcome
  • Volunteer support, physically and fiscally, to the members of the society in times of need as well as on a planned societal improvement in skills and awareness.
  • Supporting and practising environment-friendly activities in business operations as well as in personally devoting time and energy in preserving and nurturing the surroundings.

Digital Core Technologies shall make sufficient provisions for the same in its budget and spending. The organisation’s CSR activities shall leverage the voluntary registered society formed by the members of the organisation, DCT SPaCE, for some of its focus areas like education and volunteering and external reliable and trustworthy organisations for remaining focus areas.Thus, Digital Core Technologies desires to be a role model for similar organisations in the MSME sector in this regard.

CSR Committee of DCT

In accordance with the Section 135 of Company’s Act 2013, Digital Core Technologies have a CSR Committee formed, who would be responsible for the compliance to the act as well as the objectives and plans of the Corporate Sustainability of the organisation.The members of the CSR Committee are:

  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • The Managing Director of the Board
  • An Executive member of the Board
  • Two Senior Executives of the organisation

The current CSR Committee Members are,

  • Sri SM Balasubramaniyan, Chairman
  • Sri S Thomas, MD
  • Sri Aneeshkumar VR, Director
  • Sri Abhilash VR, Director
  • Sri Manu KM
  • Sri Martin George
  • Sri Nidhin K
  • Sri Niju K Jacob

In order that the planned activities are detailed and executed, a CSR Facilitation Committee is formed from the members of the company. The committee shall be reconstituted from time to time to keep it active and participate.

CSR Policy

The CSR Policy of Digital Core Technologies describes the objectives, Roles and Responsibilities, Operational Details of the CSR activities.

DCT’s CSR Policy

Financial Year : 2020-2021
CSR Report
CSR Projects Approved By The Board

Financial Year : 2021-2022
CSR Report
CSR Projects Approved By The Board

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