April 10, 2018



Digital Core Technologies is focused on providing Embedded System Design Services to organisations addressing the Electronic products and Embedded Systems markets.

The Team, armed with a collective experience of several decades, is fully equipped to address the product development, re-engineering, upgrading and performance validation needs of the electronic product industries across multiple domains like Aerospace, Instrumentation, Automotive, Computing platforms, IoT, Communication systems and many more.

UML based analysis and design models together with a proven Requirement Driven Design (RequireD), Design Driven Development (D3) and Requirement Driven Testing (RDT) approaches ensures that the outcome have “Quality by Design”.

• HDL: Verilog/ VHDL
• Xilinx / Altera FPGA Development  tools
• Embedded Logic (on FPGA)
• Analysis, Design, Synthesis, Simulation, Validation
• Custom logic functions/ state machines
• Memory controller: SRAM, Flash, DRAM
• Interface/ Protocol: PCIe, BT656/1120, HD-SDI, I2S
• DMA, AMBA/ API devices, OSD integration
• AVB Support in Ethernet MAC
• Zynq (Xilinx) PSoC based system design

• Complete product development life cycle support from Concept to Deployment 
• Networking &  Telecom products
• Security, Surveillance and Machine Vision 
• Automotive, Avionics and Industrial Control  
• High Speed, High Density Board Designs 
• Signal Integrity, Thermal Compliance, DFx etc.
• Processors/ SoC
• ARM core Media/Mobile/Application SoC, Zynq PSoC, x86
• Memory Interfaces 

• Audio/ Video capture, process, Store & Stream
• User interface / Configuration management 
• Embedded Client/ Server with security 
• Telecom and Networking Devices
• Automotive/ Infotainment 
• Software Defined Radio
• Security & surveillance gadgets   
• Bio-medical instruments 
• Sensor Monitoring and management / I2OT

• Kernel and OS
• Linux / Android, FreeBSD, uCOS, RTOS
• Processors/ SoC
• NXP,  TI,  Media/ Application Processors 
• Xilinx Zynq 7xxx PSoC
• BSP and Frameworks
• Device Driver frameworks, Boot optimization,
          Power management, Memory Management 
• Tool-chain and Firmware
• GCC, LLVM with GLIBC, Newlib, uCLIBC

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